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“Linda provided me with excellent business coaching services. Her approach helped me to focus on what I needed to do to move my business forward through her creativity and thought provoking guidance.” August 15, 2012


Linda helped me to internalize the notion of "standing in the question" which means, to me, not trying to decide things in a time-frame that is too tight or not necessary.  This tool, has dramatically shifted my thinking about problem-solving, and has helped me create the space to resolve issues more effectively. M.W.


"Your ability to listen and ask very insightful questions, and guide the conversation to make me think deeply about my responses has helped me so much."  C.T.



Who We Are

Animer Consulting, LLC is a woman-owned management consulting firm specializing in developing people, programs, and businesses in the public and private sectors.

Our goal is to provide the very best in management consulting services and to deliver results that exceed client expectations. 


Our Approach

The Animer group assists its clients to develop personal circumstances, program objectives and business environments that are agile and change oriented using the following formula:

"Begin with a clear picture of where you are and where you want to be, work from the inside out, and develop actions and align resources that support transformation."

This formula is key to the success of Animer's clients.


If you need in depth research to help you stay current with the changes occurring  in business trends, leadership dynamics, diversity strategies, organization development or any other information needed to keep you and your clients ahead of the curve then Animer is the firm to do research for your business.  Their work has supported me developing material for training programs, provided support for my coaching, and kept me a more informed consultant. Linda and her team are the best!!

A Silver Thread, Inc. President Toni Dunton-Butler